Finding a junk removal service in NYC is easy. You can just go online, type “Junk removal NYC,” and you will get a lot of suggestions. But finding a junk removal service that always does the work efficiently is hard. It’s not easy to choose one out of hundreds. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here is the most efficient junk removal in NYC.

Jiffy Junk

Jiffy Junk is your friendly neighborhood junk removal service in New York. They are based in New York, sourced locally, and offer their service nationwide. They provide their service to the full range of clients who have lots of different needs when it comes to removing junk. Their wide range of services covers every kind of needs of their clients. They know that to be a top company in New York, they will have to be extraordinary and they strive to be that. Doesn’t matter if it’s a simple suburban house, a studio apartment, a duplex, a multi-storied building, a downtown office space, or a construction site, they clean junk from all places.


Junkluggers are a pioneer when it comes to sustainable junk pick up near me. The New York Community has been getting an efficient junk removal service from Junkluggers for more than one and a half decades. They provide junk removal services for all kinds of commercial and residential purposes. They don’t only offer a service, to them it’s an experience they provide. An experience where you see that all your junk is gone in a matter of minutes. They are very courteous, and they always provide on-time service.

Prime Junk Removal

Prime Junk Removal is yet another junk removal based on New York City that provides efficient junk removal service. They have 3 reasons as to why you should call them when you need your junk cleared. They are very fast, as they provide same day service. They provide a thorough cleaning of junk; they never leave even a bit of junk. They always offer a fair price and don’t charge any additional fees. They provide junk removal for virtually any kind of junk there is, e.g. electronics, furniture, appliances, household items, yard debris, office junk, etc.

1800 Got-Junk

1800 Got Junk is a very renowned company for junk removal and hauling. They have years of experience in junk removal. They provide junk removal for appliances, furniture, Christmas tree, electronics, garbage, mattress, any kind of residential and commercial need, office cleanout, etc. They offer same day service and their staff is very friendly to their clients. They will give you a two-hour arrival window when you call them and clean your junk in no time.


To conclude, we must say that these companies are very reliable and they always live up to their expectations. You can count on them for quality service.

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