Clean, organic, herbal… these phrases are very brilliant right now, huh? You may discover food and other health goods marked with them wherever you look. And this is something nice! And this is a fantastic thing!

I know that they’re some of my favorite terms, particularly in nutrition. I am an ISSA fitness expert, a qualified personal trainer, and a vegetarian for 30 years.

These are the primary challenges and concerns individuals have about eating a clean, plant-based diet, yet it isn’t easy to obtain the right food to feel fantastic and lose weight. So, before you want to buy organic protein powder, let’s begin!


You don’t have enough! You’re not getting enough! Also, you think it’s too difficult to get protein or that it’s not necessary because you’re simply consuming plants and maybe some milk.

False and false! There are many methods in which a vegetarian and even a vegan get adequate protein. You only have to study the finest sources and make sure that you have a meal.

The most crucial macronutrient we need is definitely protein. In this case, you canbuy organic protein powder. Most of our bodies comprise protein – muscle, skin, hair, bones, nails… the list goes on! So our body cannot accomplish the duties it needs when we’re low in protein.

All Calories Have Not Created Equally

It doesn’t mean it’s beneficial for you just because a “food” is vegetarian or vegan. Often individuals are searching “friendly” vegetarian or vegan meals, satisfying their candy, salty appetites, or imitating items they would not normally consume since they contain vegetarian or vegan components in them.

These foods have typically packed with waste not beneficial for our body — lots of sugar, artificial additives, bad fats, processed meals, etc. So, when you try to follow a clean plant diet, it is important to learn how to read a product label.

Vegetables are Boring/Gross!

I don’t think that at all, of course! I know, however, that a lot of individuals do. You may also think of several dry, uninteresting, flat, raw or steamed vegetables with a little aroma that is difficult to swallow when you consider eating plenty of vegetables. It doesn’t have to be dull to eat many veggies.

Of all, some of the finest tastes are in our cuisine; you only have to know how to make it tasty and how to blend them… and even what you desire! If you have prepared and experimenting for a while, I assure you that veggies may be one of your favorite dietary items!

It’s Too Much Work To Eat a Clean & Plant-Based Diet

Sorry! With that, too, I can help you. I am swamped. I have four busy children in my household, and I’m working, and the final thing is I want to spend hours every day in the kitchen. So I certainly improved the skill of “eating once, eating two or three times.”

Although I have many things to eat, which need to be prepared of some kind, I have been able to decrease the time it takes for me to open a can or open a box.

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