When it comes to moving and packing up stuff, the kitchen is a tricky place to pack. To make sure that you breeze through the process of packing up your kitchen, here is a list of helpful tips.

1. Don’t Pack Everything at Once

This is a lifesaver for most people. You don’t have to pack everything from the get-go. Have a box or two empty and label it as the “essentials box”. This box will contain those items which you will use till the last minute before your move. Having a pan, 2 spatulas, some cups, plates and glasses on the last day, will save you from rummaging through the packed boxes. You can, then, pack the said items quickly and easily in the box. This will be considered the last box you pack before loading everything in the moving van.

2. Label the Boxes

Labelling was previously mentioned above. Labelling your boxes will serve as a mental note what lies where. It will save you a lot of time as well. It is recommended that you pack everything in order. Have separate boxes for everything. Boxes for pots, boxes for pans, boxes for dishes, boxes for glasses, mugs and utensils and boxes for appliances. This will make unpacking a lot easier for you, because you know what lies in each box.

3. Packing Delicate Utensils

We all have some special and delicate pieces of cutlery and utensils we want to handle carefully.

An amazing tip, when it comes to packing up glassware and fragile items, is foam wrapping them. Foam will save the item from impact, even if it hits the ground. If you don’t feel like foam-packing, then there is also an easier alternative.

Pull out your big, thick and chunky sweaters and shawls. You can easily wrap the fragile item in the said sweater or shawl. This will also act as an anti-impact barrier. This will save your fragile items and the cost is super cheap as well.

4. Handle Appliances with Care

When it comes to appliances, they should be carefully packed a few days prior. Make sure you are supervising the packer, because mishandling can lead to broken parts, dents and damage. To prevent this from happening, make sure you are taking your time, when packing appliances.

5. Declutter Along the Way

Less is more! So before you start packing up the kitchen, go through your entire kitchen and declutter the stuff that you don’t use anymore. This will make sure that you are not packing unnecessary stuff. You will be surprised how much stuff you will get rid of, before you start packing. Throw out any expired food from the pantry, any broken or unused utensils or cutlery, etc. Decluttering will also lead to lower packing costs.

When you are done with decluttering the kitchen and the whole house, you can haul away junk using a rented truck.

On the other hand, there are “trash removal near me” services too which can haul away junk by taking a small fee for it.


Now, you don’t have to worry about packing your stuff up in the kitchen. These tips will make you a pro in packing up your kitchen for a move.

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