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Content published within our platform represent a variety of viewpoints. You are welcomed to contribute towards the list of valuable articles that we have on our website. All you need to do is to research on appropriate content and make your valuable contributions.

Here is a list of the topics that we love to receive from you. You can go through the below mentioned list of topics and then select a topic that inspires you.

As you can see, we accept a broad range of topics for our website. Feel free to go through the topics specified and select a one out of them. Since we cover a variety of topics, any writer with passion can go ahead and join with us to write content.

When you are writing articles for us, you need to follow the below mentioned guideline. We strictly monitor the content published within our platform. Therefore, you should be careful to follow these guidelines. Otherwise, the article you write will not be accepted by our platform.

  • You need to be honest and authentic with the articles you write. It would be better if you can let your personality come out of the words you write. Then you will be able to inspire the people who read your articles as well.
  • You should always come up with unique content. We don’t accept any duplicate content in our platform and submitting duplicate content can make your articles get rejected. We welcome unique ideas from you, instead of ideas taken from other sources.
  • You need to be clever with all the articles you write. You should never use any snarky or salacious words within the articles. If you do, your articles will not be accepted by our editors.
  • You should sparingly use abbreviations and slang. You need to get into the shoes of readers when you are writing content. Hence, you need to writer reader friendly content in your articles.
  • You need to use an appropriate layout within the article you write. You should keep all the images and headlines in your article clean as well. Moreover, you need to be careful to limit the word count from 500 words to 1000 words, so that you can impress the readers.
  • If you are including any images within articles you write, you need to have copyrights to them. Or else, you must purchase copyrights by selecting appropriate stock images. The images selected for the article should have a decent quality as well.
  • If you want to make any alternations to the articles that you write, you are encouraged to contact our editorial team. One of the members from our editorial team would attend to your request and do the changes accordingly.

If you are thorough with these guidelines, you can send your contents by sending email to this address admin@writercollection.com now.

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