It’s pleasure to have you on our avian travel! Birdhouses aren’t only living space; they are actual art projects! They are an inspiration of artistic imagination. 

The courtyard Tale will take you on five kaleidoscopic flashes of imagination as we explore the five birdhouse decorating ideas that are guaranteed to take your garden decor to exceptional heights. 

Birdhouse decorating ideas may range from an imperceptible amount of rustic to a conspicuously eccentric design, and it will be no doubt to please even the most selective birders after all.

Rustic Retreat

An old-fashioned birdhouse takes a new life when it’s made of weathered wood, moss, and miniature amenities. embezzle old wood or antique new wood to create an aged resemblance. 

Seal it off using a weather resistant coat of the color palette of brown, green, and gray. Send the rustic appeal by attaching and gluing some moss that is artificial on the edges and the corners of the birdhouse. 

Multiple suspension bridges, several small wooden chairs, a porch swing fashioned from sticks, and a clearly visible and pretty sign carved from wood bits will help you to build a little paradise visited by birds and other lovely creatures.

Vintage Vibes

To incorporate nostalgia as part of your birdhouse’s theme, you can use decor and accessories with a vintage look. Hunting for antique keys, doorknobs, and an assortment of tin at flea markets or in thrift stores is a lot of fun. 

Consider attaching these vintage goods on the birdhouse by way of good strength adhesive or tiny nails. Paint the birdhouse in a soft pastel shade look like pale pink, mint green or baby blue. 

Just paint your installation with lace that was cut up and then put it in as a window charm, to give it a cottagey feeling. Add some floral ornamentations in the form of silk flowers or ceramic pot with a flower by doing so you can manage to renew the vintage glamour.

Whimsical Wonderland

Transform yourself from a regular birdhouse into an enchanted fairy’s nest using your imagination and love for fairy stories. You can begin by applying a coat of sunshine yellow, sky blue, or grass green paints which are cheerful and make people happy. 

Glitz up the birdhouse by balancing glitter glue or sparkly paint to create more shininess in the sun. By placing in the tiny fairy garden accessories as mushrooms, gnomes, and lights of fairies you gain a magical wonderland of you protected winged insects. 

Prepare the surrounding of the birdhouse so that you can easily mix real life and imagination both for the birds and humans in the end.

Coastal Oasis

Little fish and shells along with a seabird motif might serve as inspiration for your birdhouse design. Capture seashells, driftwood, stones and shiny glass, as you are enjoying your beach visit. 

Glue the beach items watertight and stick them onto the birdhouse, creating a feel of a texturally designed seaside spot. Color For The Birdhouse: Use soft ocean hues, like aquamarine, seafoam green, or sandy beige. 

Know unique birdhouse ideas to achieve the coastal look. So, use normal elements like small snap hooks, anchors, and seagull figurines to give even more reality to the design. 

Botanical Beauty

Offer your feathery friends a spacious haven they can call their own with a birdhouse in homage to your favorite garden. Dress the bird house up with faux flowers and vines to make it look like a garden, water the flowers in bird baths too. 

Opt for weatherproof faux flowers with lively hues, such as, red, plum, and orange, which will not only bring beauty, but also attract birds and butterflies. 

Attach birdhouses using peanut butter seeds and dried nuts as food for your feathered friends. Use some miniature greenery around the sides of the birdhouse to make your creation more ambient and thrilling.


This set of cute bird house decor ideas will be helping your garden to become place of paradise of both birds and you. Whether you love a nod to rustiness, oldies or quirky looks, there’s always a birdhouse that will match your style. 

Hence, if you have some creativity and you are motivated to complete this task, then let’s start painting. You should find it very easy now!

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