It has linked with famous and rich people and celebrities that made their names in their professions. The limousines or limo drivers, or chauffeurs are added luxury to it. A limo has a partition that separates the passengers and driver that makes things private.

Thus, it intimate car with it that will give a great impression to you. You should pre-book a limo for your events if you don’t own it yourself. As most people seek the greatest options of a limo, it’ll suit their requirements for their events. You’ll find many types of limos right in the market.

As a result, you can browse to check out while you need one of them. That’s why we’re going to share some different types of limos. So, before you look for school bus rental, let’s know more about different types of limousines.

Stretch Limo

Stretch limo always has the vogue and the choice for occasions like weddings, proms or even bachelor events. Limes are the most popular Lime limousines. It offers a lot of facilities. These include LCDs and fully air-conditioned. Also, it comes with extra room for a group of people and a sound system and a bar.

Stretch SUV

The extended SUV variant of Stretch Limo is larger and better. This is because you can make use of extra room and conveniences. A vast area can house up to 14 people, and temperature control is part of these services. In addition, strobe and laser lights and the woofers sound system are available. There are also several LCDs and tinted privacy windows.

Executive SUV Limo

This SUV limo is nowadays quite popular with the public. It’s because of its vastness, and the interior vamped. It is for all business people to choose a car and search for finer transit for their journeys and meetings. The accommodation can accommodate up to 4-5 persons with a large trunk, making it excellent for pick-ups at airports.

Luxury Passenger Van

Perhaps you have a larger party. Thus, it would help if you took a luxury passenger van with your bags from the airport while traveling in style. There are up to 14 passengers with wooden floors, leather chairs and sufficient baggage room.

Limo Bus

Limo buses are the perfect way for anyone seeking a party on the road. It offers room for around 30 guests with every luxury. A barrier, tinted windows and sound system are also available. It is also available with optical and long bar consoles and CD players, and an iPod holder. It has champagne and ice storage as well.

The Bottom Line

All sorts of limos are available from Exclusive Taxi & Car Service. Maintained and preserved in the best condition, we have a wide range of limos. So, you may get a look and choose the style of a limousine. It’s because there are different types of limos. You can look for party bus rental, tailgate party bus rental, airport bus rental and many more. As a result, you can choose your preferred one from the large list according to your need.

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