This guide will help you know how you can get remote Android developer jobs as well as what the employers look for in the Android developers for remote jobs.

Getting a Remote Android Developer Job

Let us tell you the truth – searching for remote Android developer jobs won’t be a cakewalk. However, it is not impossible. You should make your portfolio, create a website and put all the details. In addition, you can also use various platforms for finding remote jobs as an Android developer. Many sites offer some good jobs and you will definitely find an attractive opportunity.

What Employers Are Looking For?

It becomes important to know what the employers really look for in the remote employee. There are some technical skills, non-technical skills as well as other abilities which you should consider before finding a remote job. More details are as follows.

I. Technical Skills

1. Java

Java remains one of the top programming languages for the Android developers. Though you will develop apps using other programming languages but Java is the best and the most demanding one. It can bring you a remote job with good salary and with great ease.

2. Android SDK

Like other technical skills, Android SDK is also reported to be a good area where an Android developer should have matchless skill. It becomes more important for the people who are planning to do a remote job.

3. Working with APIs

Another very useful technical skill required for the Android developer is working with APIs. It can make you a pro developer and increase your chances of success. Moreover, it also makes it easy to find remote jobs.

4. Back-End Skills

Some experts as well as various studies show that back end skills are also very important for a person looking for remote job as an Android developer.

II. Non-Technical Skills

1. Passion for Work

In the non-technical skills, the Android developers are expected to have passion for the job. They should understand things, love doing coding and developing apps. This passion is what the employers always look for.

2. Communication and Collaboration

Furthermore, communication is the most critical skill needed for an Android developer looking to find a remote job. You must be very good in communication and collaboration. Otherwise, things will get worse for you if you fail to maintain instant communication.

3. Writing

To some extent, the Android developers are expected to have good writing skills because they have to make reports for projects. Therefore, you should also learn writing skills and make sure your writing is up to the mark.

III. Other Requirements

In addition to these, there are some other requirements that you should consider when finding remote Android developer jobs. Unlike the DevOps lead jobs, you need to have at least one published Android app so that it can be shown to the companies. Lastly, a college degree can also boost your chances of finding a job.


In order to find a remote job as an Android developer, you should use various platforms, learn technical and non-technical skills and have a published Android app.

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