It looks like you’re looking for Telstra’s NBN plans for you and you’ll get a lot of reasons to do it for the biggest NBN provider in Australia. If you’re a budget-conscious customer then you would not like it, but it can be one of your great choices. It’s because it comes with quality, reliability, speed, and many more things that are useful for you. Also, you’ll get 24-hour chat and phone support when it comes to customer’s care and you’ll get a Telstra Smart Modem. Moreover, you’ll get a 4G mobile backup if you have a chance of outage, or you get dreaded internet faint when you’re connected with the NBN. Besides, its plans come with free Telstra Air Wi-Fi coverage so that you can connect your mobile, tablet or laptop as well.

Now, let’s know some of the best mobile plans from Telstra NBN.

Telstra Top Pick for The Most Area Coverage

It means your device has passed coverage tests and signal strength for data and voice in regional areas when Telstra gives a phone the badge of the “Top Pick for Regional Coverage”. In this case, it also says that phones with the said badge can get a more reliable connection or a stronger signal in areas where mobile coverage is limited.

Best Basic Telstra NBN Plan

You can check out the Telstra’s $69/month plan that comes with 100GB of data if you like to get the best possible price for online. In this plan, you’ll get 25 Mbps to seed mobile internet for your regular use and you’ll get a little bit streaming of TV as well. In addition, you’ll get unlimited local and national calls in Australia with the option of calling to the landlines too. If you take it before February 25, you’ll get $240 concession on the no-contract basis. It means that you’ll get these all offers and commitment-free without any extra cost.

Value Telstra NBN Plan

If you get Telstra’s $89/month plan it would be your solid choice in terms of a knock for the buck. In this plan, you’ll get the access of unlimited data with a 50Mbps NBN speed that’s a great option for you and your family. So, you’ll be able to get four more people online with this speed at the same time and let them do their things. Also, you’ll get unlimited local and national calls in the country with the option of calling to the landlines. It’s also same for this plan that you’ll get $240 concession on the no-contract basis if you take it before February 25. That means, without any extra cost, you’ll get these all offers and commitment-free.

Telstra TV NBN Bundle

You can get this TV NBN bundle if you’re one of them who like to watch TV programs much more. As it doesn’t sell traditional Foxtel bundles, you can get the subscription of a 24-month bonus to Foxtel Now only for $99 per month for the popular TV shows and movies as well.

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