Client meetings are the reward of your work as a real estate agent. They’re your reward for all of the time, money, and effort you put into social media postings, cold calling, and referrals.

Getting the meeting is just the beginning. The real estate conference meeting itself is when you’ll truly make an impression on customers. Also, it’s so tough now in 2021 because the meeting is mostly online.

While the subject of your meeting may change, there are certain things you must do consistently in every contact to guarantee a successful meeting. You should always follow these basics, whether it’s an in-person consultation or post-contract video calling.

#1. Professionalism Is Essential

Consider what actions you would find objectionable if you were entrusting someone with the purchase or sale of your most precious thing. There are a few general methods to ensure your customer leaves the meeting with a positive impression:

  • When making video calls, choose a neutral backdrop.
  • In all conversations, use proper grammar.
  • Ensure that all customer queries are promptly answered.

#2. Make The Meeting Centered On Them.

While this may seem to be self-evident, it is all too easy to slip into traps that divert attention away from your customer.

Example: When your customer asks for a market report, you may find yourself lamenting the absence of house sales in your region. While your concerns are entirely reasonable and understood, this is not the right place to discuss them. Do these things before meeting –

  • Have a trustworthy mentor observe you and provide comments on how you handled the meeting.
  • Before your meeting, write down or speak through everything on your mind so it’s off your chest.
  • Practicing mindfulness during the meeting and analyzing what the client has said to guide your answers.

#3. Take Notes.

Try to take notes of important things. It’s critical not to skip this stage, whether you write into your CRM as you go or have a separate notepad to jot things down in. You just can’t miss the critical details that your customers have previously discussed with you.

Basically, note these things:

  • When did you speak to them, and who did you talk to? (did you speak to a primary contact, their spouse, or parents)
  • Takeaways to remember (the main points you talked about)
  • Follow-up actions (did you commit to sending them market stats or call next week)

#4. Please Take Your Time.

Have a clear goal in mind. You should take your time by setting a plan for each real estate meeting.

  • Confirm that you have received all you need from your customer.
  • Explain everything to your customer in detail, and
  • Ensure that all of their queries are addressed.

#5. Pose Serious Questions.

Don’t fall into the trap of automatically asking questions because that’s how you trained to sell. This translates to:

  • Asking questions simply to ask questions isn’t a good idea.
  • Pay attention to your client’s wants, needs, and worries.
  • If you’re looking for a quick sale, don’t ask too many questions.

When making an important life choice, real estate brokers may put excessive pressure on buyers, resulting in a poor customer experience. You place your customer in a position where they will want to reciprocate by utilizing you for the transaction if you take the time to understand their circumstances and empower them to make the best choice.

#6. It’s Crucial To Follow Up.

Keep the ball moving now that the meeting is over! Immediately log your follow-ups and submit your notes to the system.

Do it immediately away, or plan it to be completed ahead of the deadline you promised!

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