Yes, it’s a good and essential question that whether you should use on-site or cloud based PACS for your medical images. It’s because both of them have some particular merits when you store your records on the cloud and both of them are popular as well. Besides, the system will look like some unspecific items if you ignore the requirements of the Hi-Tech and focus on the needs of the physicians. It’s to reach the expected goals defined by the innovative intent of the laws. Also, the system of image managing of your patients should include making able the expected results of your doctor. With your imaging method and patient contact should be instinctive; it needs little more time for qualified medical persons to turn out to be too easy and that’s all.

Well, here are some tips to determine the right one for you between cloud based or on-site PACS.

The Internet Connection

You might be one of them who don’t like to spend too much time to download and upload their medical images. So, when you’re going to choose one from the twos, the speed of your internet is a great factor to consider. It’s because the speed of the internet widely varies from one location to another one. Also, you may find some other issues in your areas to get the desired speed that you need. Such as, it makes us surprised when we try to install but we didn’t get to access with the faster internet. In this case, the impact of the speed can be making worsen based on which system you’re using as well.

On-Site Requirements

You can get outsourced your required tech supports that’s one of the great advantages of cloud based one. If you hate the concept to pat for your tech support or you’re frustrated by the techs then you need to use cloud-based option. But, on-site can be your first choice if you’ve got better on-site tech support. Your storage sometimes needs to be increased when so many studies need to be stored in the PACS. Over the years, you just need to increase your storage if you’re using on-site storage. Even you know computer technology is getting changed regularly so today’s techs are getting out of date very soon. Things are the same for your medical image storage as well and you need to upgrade your system to keep pace with the time.


Disaster Prevention

You need to keep updating your medical data daily or regular basis to get the data backup for your records. Also, it’s very important to get the data backup which is very much important for RIS radiology information system that it’s located in a way that will not be affected if there gets any disaster. If you need it’s needed to get reloaded and it can take some more time to get delay to use them. In this case, you’ll get the full protection of your medical images and data while you’re using cloud based storage.

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