For the majority of the people, it’s about everything they’re able to do while it’s easy to read PDF documents. And it’s already getting used on Android phones and tablets. But, sometimes you need to do something more. So, you have to install extra software on your smart device like Android phones. Fortunately, you’ll find loads of PDF apps out there that allow you to sort more features and functions.

For example, it enables you opening, reading, and editing your PDF files that are very useful to its users. Among other features, you’ll be able to annotate your PDF file and print it out. Also, you can insert some other things like forms and images on the document. That means you’re able to convert PDF to text file easily using your Android phones. So, let’s know about some apps that will help you with this issue as well as providing the facility to convert pdf to text online.

Xodo PDF Reader

If you browse the PlayStore in search of PDF readers, you’ll find a lot of apps. But, all of them are not the one that you’re looking for. You’ll get some of them has been limited to their features and some others have the most basic features. In this case, Xodo PDF reader could be the best solution for you. It’s because it comes with a wide range and deep features to provide you the best results.

Unlike its name suggests, it’s not just a PDF reader, it also can make new PDF documents through your Smartphone’s camera. Also, it’s able to convert Office documents and images. There are many options for you like filling, saving, sending, and highlighting text. Moreover, you can add your personal annotations as well.

Foxit PDF Reader Plus Converter

You can understand the success of Foxit PDF reader easily. It’s because of one of the famous company that produces management utilities. It can open your PDF files easily and it’s easy to put a control over it. Also, you can control text reflows and tweak the brightness to change its background. This way, it provides a comfortable to read PDF files in all places.

You’ll find their easy annotation tools that are simple to help you highlighting text, drawing pages, and adding notes. Another plus point is its ability to form handling. With this option, you can fill and save forms as well as import and export. Also, you’re able to submit your forms through email, HTTP, and FTP.

Adobe’s Acrobat Reader

It’s true Adobe’s Acrobat Reader somewhat is a less powerful PDF viewer. But, you’ll find there more functionality for all possible situations along with excellent compatibility for your document. When you open a document in PDF format on the web or share it from other apps, this reader displays it quickly in a plain view.

Also, it allows you scrolling around the file, zoom it out and in, and does some simple searches. As a result, it works at the way you exact expect from a PDF reading app.

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