1. Personal Observations

The basic thing to measure patient satisfaction is by observing the patients and how the staff treats them. There is nothing more basic than these small observations. Keep your eyes peeled for observation. You can always encourage your employees to make the patient’s experience as smooth as they can by using advanced tools for care and latest image cloud storage for medical data.

These encouragements can come in shape of the “Employee of the month” scenario who may get a bonus at the end of the month. You can clearly talk to your employees who you observe isn’t putting many efforts in.


2. Acquiring Feedback from Patients

A feedback program is another basic method of measuring and improving your healthcare organization in giving the best experience to the patients. A good feedback program is always helpful, and you should be open to patient’s take on you. Patients appreciate when they see their voices be heard by the healthcare organization and how they are concerned over their wellbeing.

These feedbacks are however not 100% reliable as less than 5% of patients don’t complain about their inconvenience. However, this is a very good way to get an idea of how satisfied the patients are and give you a morale boost. You must not rely solely on the feedback but get an idea of where you lack if there are more than three common complaints in a certain area of expertise.

3. Comment Cards

A feedback form can be a hassle to fill up, but a small comment card never hurt anybody. You can add a new comment card whenever a room frees up and ask your patients or consumers to write a comment on how your services are or any complaints regarding any employee. Basically, it can summarize their experience in a few sentences. A very prominent advantage of comment cards is their effectiveness and how cheap they are to develop and print. Make sure all the comment cards are attractive and placing them effectively may have patient satisfaction adhered to it.


4. Online Rating System

This is the most popular way of getting consumer feedback in any field or organization. If your healthcare has a fair number of patients that are willing to contact you via the internet through your online services, you can treat them well and ask for the ratings and review at the end. The world nowadays mostly relies on the internet and it is observed that people give more genuine feedback and review online. Make sure that your reviews and ratings are good and compliment your services because 80% of the patients are prone to acquire services of a healthcare organization which has good online ratings. This is also an effective way to measure the satisfaction of the patients.

5. Surveys

Self-administrated patient survey is the best way to obtain feedback from customers with 100% transparency. This will ensure your feedback is genuine and you can work on those flaws. This approach is slightly expensive and may not work in some circumstances for patients. You must design your survey questions in a way that doesn’t make the patient uncomfortable because it may shape the quality of the feedback from the patients. Among other things, asking questions about medical data is also important. Patients also know about image cloud storage and prefer those hospitals and practices which has a reliable medical data storage system.

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