You should not make the following 3D rendering mistakes.

1. Rendering as Designing

Most of the people can’t distinguish the difference between a renderer and a designer or rendering and designing. They believe both are same so they expect the designers to do render and renderers to do designing. A designer can only design projects while the renderers visualize the 3D design and complete it using different software and apps.

2. Offering Inadequate Details

The renderers need clear details and what a client wants. You will only get the perfect 3D rendering work when you will provide the renderer with necessary and important details, visuals and references. All these details and visual references make rendering easier for the renderer and you will get the perfect architectural models. So prepare your details not them down, draw sketches and use references to show the renderer what you really need.

3. Ignoring Material Guidelines

This is a serious mistake many people make while 3D architectural rendering designs. They need to know that there are different materials for different designs. Like if you if you want to a steel print of your 3D design, there are specific guidelines and recommendations for that according to the materials. So if you are doing it by yourself, do read the guidelines. Otherwise, make sure the renderer knows the guidelines.

4. Lack of Communication

When you assign 3D rendering task to other companies, you need to make sure there is proper communication between the concerned people. Lack of communication leads to poor work quality and delay in delivery. Many people make this mistake so you should be careful. Hire the renderers who are active and can communicate whenever possible.

5. Not Providing Images

It has been noticed that renderers complain about the clients when they can’t provide them with the project models and images. A renderer should be handed over all details, models as well as clear images. This make visualization easy for the renderer and chances of mistakes are reduced. Less time is consumed and better work is produced. So make sure you have all the important details and images and don’t forget to give those to the renderer.

6. Expectations and Reality

This is a serious issue for many people that when it comes to rendering, they don’t have clarity. Their expectations are not real so they can’t be realized. For this, the clients should have clear expectation and must know what they will get after rendering. If they have false expectations, they may not be satisfied with the output. It can also create problems for the renderer.

7. Not Offering Feedback

We have said in the early points that there should be communication between the two parties. This will reduce any conflict and confusions. Regular communication also makes feedback prompt and easy. The client needs to give proper and clear feedback to the 3D rendering professionals. And it is the responsibility of the renderer to get client feedback to make sure the final product is fine. With feedback, any mistakes and errors can be tacked on time.

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