Kids can make the floor mats dirty by many things. Such as spit-up, beach sand, winter salt, chewing gun, flitter glue, veggie puffs, soccer mud, juice and many more. Nobody wants to clean every year for a long time. But the worse thing will be if you cannot clean it.

For all this, you need to take some smart steps to clean this or protect it from becoming dirty. You cannot always take care that your toddler is doing what in the car.

Along with decorative car floor mats, check out what to look for selecting the best mat for the car for protecting the dirt.

Easy Cleaning

Surely you do not want to clean it by spending a long time and effort. Everyone wants to make the work easy and quick. Try to find out the floor mat which you can clean easily.

Also, you will wash that in the washing machine and expect that it will dry fast. Plus, there will be no dirt spot or stain. Some mats you will get that you can clean inside the car by using the wet rag or bucket.

Deep Treads for Keeping Moisture

However, look for the mat which as deep grooves for catching liquid and sidewalls. It will not make the car dirty. The mat will absorb the dirt. As a result, it’ll be best if you got rid of dirt.

Perfect Fit to The Vehicle

Though, you can purchase the universal fit mat. But if you need to deal with the mess which a kid has done, then it is not for you. Then you need to select the mat, which is custom-fit.

This mat is for a specific car. The mat will adjust inside the car properly, and you will feel better.  

Color Matching

Sometimes you may want the mat will be matching with the car. Even you may want something which will hide the stain in the car. For this, you can select a dark color.

On the other hand, if you choose the matching color mat of the car will make you feel the original floor. So choose your one.


Sometimes kids dance, jump or kick when they are seating back. If you try to stop them still, they do the same. So before you purchase the mat think about it. Select a non-slippery mat where kids can enjoy as they want. But they don’t get hurt and can enjoy as well.

Bottom Line

You may know that all the mats are plastic material. This is wrong information. Moreover, you can select a variety of durable materials. It depends on your kid’s age. Because of this, you will have an idea of how dirty can be the mat.

So you can select the right mat for the car. You can choose the suede mat for the car. But it is not always better. It can make unwanted accidents, as well. Finally, you need to think about the situation, before you select the custom car floor mats with logo.

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