Aftermarket auto body parts cover up a vast section of the part replacement business of automobile market. Almost 20% of the revenue comes from aftermarket sales.

Whether you want to replace a part or add a new feature, you generally need to buy it from three sources: OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), Aftermarket, and Used. You already know what this means.

Non-OEM body parts or generic parts or competitive alternative parts are also known as Aftermarket body parts.


One of the myths and concerns of new car owners is that it could be of low quality for Aftermarket auto body parts. You have to know that’s not at all the truth. Often, since it could contain hardware that is not present in the current edition of the OEM, certain car parts may also be better than OEMs.

Aftermarket auto body parts are often the cheapest option even though the quality and durability can be almost the same as OEM parts. The explanation for this low price is that these parts are actually made by other companies than the original manufacturer. So, they have less overhead and marketing costs.

Why Buy Aftermarket Parts

Less expensive: Parts of aftermarkets usually are less expensive than parts of the OEM though how much you save may vary from brand to brand. To get the right deal and to get an idea of how much the part charges typically, do your research online. Also, ask the experts if the price looks too good to be true. 

Better availability: You can stroll into any gas station, local mechanic, or auto parts shop, and they’re guaranteed to have a piece that suits your vehicle. This offers you more choices for service on where to drive your car.

More variety: There are hundreds of aftermarket components production firms. Some specialize in particular components, and other firms render nearly every part that you can think of. More variation implies a better option and a more extensive range of costs.

The value may be equal to or greater than OEM: You may end up with a better part in certain instances. The aftermarket companies reverse-engineer the components and work the weaknesses out. For example, it needs to strike a balance between cost, reliability, noise levels, and efficiency when an automaker designs its brake pads. Suppose you want improved performance and do not mind the additional brake noise. In that case, your best alternative could be an aftermarket pad.


The question of whether you can select OEM vs. aftermarket parts for your car repair needs does not have a correct or incorrect solution. To get all OEM parts mounted in their car, some people want to pay a fee, while others are cost-driven, and would happily accept the least costly aftermarket parts.

Make sure you do much homework into what your car needs and what the better aftermarket brands are for your particular part, whether you buy the auto parts online or from a brick and mortar shop.

If you do not understand what’s going on with your car, it is always better to call a professional than to try to find out yourself. So if anything like this arises, contact the repair shop ASAP.

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