Nowadays, Pizza is the most common and highest online ordering item in the US. So, it is fantastic to know the variety and specialty of different sort of ingredients of pizza. However, the core items are always the same, like dough, topping, sauce, and sometimes cheese.

Pizza has an almost $30 billion business market around the world. So, in terms of business, there are lots of chances. But, a pizza chef makes a life goal to serve a single delicious masterpiece.

As a result, there is around 30 different type’s pizza available around the globe. Now, before you look for Calzones near me delivery, we are going to brief some particular kinds from the list below.


The origin of pizza in Italy and the first pizza type that comes to the USA from Italy is Neapolitan. Also, it’s fanaticism to the people of USA when introduced Neapolitan first in the market. In addition, UNESCO listed it as a heritage product of Italy.

The best thing of Neapolitan margherita pizza is its thin dough from Tipo wheat and toppings of basil, cheese and sauce. Also, the baking makes sure that crunchy crust protection from soggy by expertise process.

Deep Dish-Chicago

The name itself represents the origin in Chicago. Also, the deep-dishes word emphasizes the crust must tell me thick, not thin. So, you can easily assume to get a thick topping layer of cheese, tomato sauce and other items according to taste and desire.

So, from veggies to the meat or Hawaiian to works, you can get the varieties of deep-dish pizza. 

However, as the crust is not thin, it requires a long time of cooking hours.

Also, cheese can be burned if applied on the top, so some precautions and techniques need to follow to control the cheese. We hope you will enjoy this pizza with your family members. 

Greek-New England

The crust of Greek pizza is a bit middle between thick Sicilian and New York crunchy. Also, the crust is golden due to bake in cast iron with heavily greased.

Finally, it’s with the golden crust cover with Greek ingredients like artichokes, Kalamata olives with feta cheese. At the same time, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese are pretty common with this type of pizza.

Thin-New York

There are some similarities of thin-crust, but they are pretty unique as a different robust pizza. Also, the traditional way of eating is by folding of New York thin pizza.

The main attraction is the perfect combination of tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. Mostly, to avoid the sogginess of the thin crust, the amount of topping need to maintain perfectly.

Saint Louis-Style Pizza

The specialty of Saint Louis style crust is made without using yeast but thin as New York-style pizza crust. Also, the ingredient named Proveln cheese is used as a topping.

Provel is one combination of cheddar and mozzarella cheese. These types of Pizza are famous in the Saint Louise locality. As a unique pizza style, you can try anywhere in the USA to taste Saint Louis-Style pizza.

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