Before facing a merchant payment problem, you have to what merchant payment is and how it works. A merchant account is a bank account that will help your business to accept payments through debit or credit card. This means when a customer buys your product or service, he can pay you through his debit card or credit card.

The payment first comes into the bank account, and then it comes to your business account. However, this process may seem easy here, but it’s not easy. There is 3 level of transactions. So, any problems may occur when conducting a transaction.

This is why businesses and customers are looking for merchant payment solutions here and there. This article will be helpful if you are a customer or a business owner.

Payment Fraud

Do you know that the FTC received more than 18 million complain regarding online payment, where almost 48% of complaints were because of payment fraud? You see, online businesses are increasing. Even established enterprises are moving towards online payment. So people are getting more used to online income.

There are four types of payment fraud. Some are listed below.

Friendly Customer:

Friendly customer is one of the most famous frauds happening around the world. A customer will order something from you and pay through a debit or credit card. Then you send the product to the customer. Then the customer will tell the card issuer that they did not receive the parcel or don’t know anything about the transaction.


This problem occurs when customers buy from unreliable online stores. There are three recipients in an online payment you (the customer), the business owner and the payment gateway. Whenever you make an online purchase, the seller will get all your information, and he might sell your info to a third party.

Criminal activities:

There are some cases where the criminal may use your information for his interest or criminal activities.

Identity thief:

Stealing the identity and all information of the business owner or seller is a serious crime. The criminal may use the same info to sell his products or service.


One easy solution to stay safe from this type of fraud happening with you is to install some fraud detection plugins; moreover, before buying from an unknown seller to look at the reviews and have the ability to check the validity of the seller. And for sellers, always try to keep your personal information safe and hidden.

Payment Portal Unavailable

A payment portal is a common problem when you are buying products from other countries. Furthermore, it happens when you conduct your business in different countries, and customers from other nations order your product or service.

Customers like to pay online, and it is also easier to do so. Many payment processors do not offer an online payment system. Sometimes, they also charge an additional fee to provide an online payment portal.


Work with a processor who offers online secure payment solutions to your targeted countries and make sure that clients can pay you with just a click.

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