When you’ll discover the use of chalk paint, it’s tough to stop. The suggestion has come from a baby dress painting person who likes to use chalk paint. This is good to work with early on due to the purposes of paint-buying.

One paint coat could be all that you need if you like to get a distraught look. But, if you’re looking for a new, bright look of your furniture then you should use more coats.

In this case, you need to go with 2 to 3 coats using chalk paint of a good brand that can cover your furniture entirely. If you follow these tips then you’ll probably need not to search for “home remodeling companies near me.”

Make The Cabinet Ready

You might like to use non-toxic, safe, and odorless brands of chalk paint. As a result, you’ll be able to tackle the indoor projects effectively if you need it. But, don’t forget that paint splatters which means you have to use a better dropcloth due to cover the floors.

Apart from this, another great thing about this type of paint is that stray splashes wipe off without difficulty while using wet cloth when you hold them fast.

Clean & Repair Your Cabinet

Sizing up is essential for your furniture by fixing any issue before you start working on it. If you find cracks, gouges, or holes then you should use wood filler. As chalk paint is easy-going stuff, you don’t need to tell where the issues are out there.

You have to clean the cabinet out of dust, cobwebs, and mold before painting. You can use a bit soft dish soap to wipe out the cabinet using a wet cloth. Keep it to be well dried before you move to another next step.

Cover The Edges with Tape

Make clean lines using painter tape on the unpainted surfaces such as inside drawers and window panes. Also, it’s a better idea to remove drawers to paint the outside of the cabinet that will make sure reaching all corners of it.

When you have covered up the edges with tape, the preparation steps stop here. The beauty of the chalk paint is that you should not use sand before coats.

Paint & Let Dry Entirely

First off, brush the paint onto the cabinet and you should be polite while using it on the brush. It’s very easy to reach it out further evenly along with additional strokes if you have put extremely in a single area. Look for drips, if found then make them smoother using a brush.

Because this type of paint dries fast, you can typically use a second coat within an hour once the first one goes. But, before using another distressing or coat, always ensure that it’s entirely dry.

Bottom Line

Now, it’s finally the time to running off the steel wool plus sandpaper and gets at it if you’re about to make the cabinet tough look. Also, you can apply another coat to protect the cabinet. Also, you can skip contacting the “marble restoration companies near me” if you know some DIY and will to do it by yourself.

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