To begin, let us state unequivocally that stepping outside of your comfort zone is terrifying. We understand. Many people start off drinking red wine and never go to white wine. They also like to buy red wine after choosing the red wine bottle design. Why is this case? When you find something you enjoy, you are more likely to remain with it.

So, it’s perfectly natural, and we’re not here to pass judgment. Based on the red wine you currently enjoy, use this guide to find white wines for red wine enthusiasts! Therefore, before looking for personalised engraved wine bottles, let’s start!

Try Sauvignon Blanc

Cabernet & Merlot are medium- to full-bodied red wines with berry and baking spice characteristics. If you enjoy one of these reds, you should try Sauvignon Blanc, a delicious rich white wine. Sauvignon blanc’s taste and flavors might differ depending on where it has produced.

So, consider a green New Zealand Sauv Blanc with vibrant fruit flavors. Alternatively, a bright and minerally Sancerre might be a good choice (Sauvignon Blanc has made in a part of France).

Try an Old-World White Wine

Chianti is a red wine from Italy with fruity and earthy flavors, powerful acidity, and well-structured tannins. You can try a white wine from Tuscany or another Old-World location, such as France’s Loire Valley, if you enjoy Tuscany’s famed red.

This Loire Valley provides a distinct kind of Chenin Blanc that Chianti enthusiasts should not overlook. So, Savennières is a rich, medium-bodied white wine with aromas of honey, quince, and a smoky minerality.

Try a Portuguese White Wine

Presently, Argentina produces the majority of Malbec. It’s well-known for its thick body, rich fruit aromas, vanilla, and chocolate undertones.

You can try a white wine from southern or central Portugal, another warm-climate area noted for robust, fruity, and refreshing white wines if you enjoy this smooth red wine. So, Branco, a white mix from the Alentejo area, is a good place to start.

Try Grüner Veltliner

Zinfandel is a robust red wine with huge fruit flavors, powerful acidity, and overtones. If this is your thing, try Grüner Veltliner, an Austrian white wine famed for its lively acidity and citrus and white pepper flavors.

Try Torrontés

Syrah, often known as Shiraz in Australia, is one of the deepest, darkest red wines available. If you enjoy this full-bodied red wine with aromas of black fruit, rosemary, and smoke, you’ll want a white wine with the same level of intensity.

Torrontés, a medium-bodied white wine with scents of lemon zest and white flowers, is a good choice. So, if you like Australian Shiraz, try a Torrontés from Argentina, another new-world location famed for producing full-bodied wines.

The Bottom Line

You appreciate a certain taste note in red wine, such as vivid cherry with a hint of banana in Beaujolais. So, you could enjoy a fruity white wine with overtones of luscious tropical fruit.

If you’re not sure what to anticipate from a new bottle, look for flavor notes on the label, or contact your local wine dealer to help you choose a winner.

Why is this case? When you find something you enjoy, you are more likely to remain with it. So, it’s perfectly natural, and we’re not here to pass judgment.

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