The floors are one of the most essential parts of your home. It’s because they’re a support system of the entire home. For example, you start walking across floors at the begging of a day to get a cup of morning coffee. They’re your hard floors where people stand on and they comment as well when you host a party.

That means these hard floors are the way of how you can enjoy the other parts of your house. Although sometimes you neglect these useful parts of your house, they deserve a bit more care from you.

Now, you’re likely to look for some “apartment cleaning services near me” to take proper care of them. But, take just five minutes to read the content before you do that. We’re going to share some effective tips for cleaning your hard floors by the commercial carpet cleaning services.

Sweep & Vacuum

If you want to keep good health of your hard floors, this is very crucial. It keeps your floors free of debris and dust that are responsible for damage or make scratches on your floor’s surface. Also, you have to use a hardwood floor mop or a broom for regular cleaning.

When it comes to vacuuming a wood floor, you can do it weekly basis. But, don’t forget that if you’re using a regular piece of vacuum then raise it and avoid using the brush roll. It’ll ensure you that just the suction is working of the vacuum.


The floors can become more spoiled and start to warp if you soak them extremely. So, ensure that you press out water out largely of the mop when you’re using a mop. That means keeps your mop just damp, not wet with water dripping. You may need to mop your highly trafficked areas more often, one or two times per week.

You can add a light-strength cleaner for the hardwood floor if you have floors with well sealed. But, don’t forget to follow the directions of the product carefully. Also, never use strong detergents as they can dull your floor’s surface.

Liquid Scratch Concealers

If you have very young kids and pets, you’ll get scratches on your floor’s surface. But, no worries, you can revitalize the floor by following some simple steps.

In this case, you should get a try with liquid scratch concealers. When you put these concealers on the scratchy floor, they dry and form a stable seal.

Maintain Regularity

Maintaining regularity is the key point when like to keep your hardwood floors nice and clean. So, follow this cleaning routine regular basis: Daily cleaning task is sweeping, dusting or mopping with a damp mop. Weekly cleaning task is to vacuum your floors.

And the monthly cleaning task is to clean your hard floors with a light strength wood cleaner. Finally, you should make a fresh coat of your floors for a yearly basis. If you follow this routine, then you’re all set to present your hard floors for the best comments from your party guests.

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