Your dream vacation has all planned. You’ve chosen a fantastic location, book yourself in the swankiest hotel you could find, and are counting down the days. This is until you can let loose and have some well-deserved fun. You can also plan for going to enjoy hiking with the best hiking backpack and other necessary items.

This last but crucial detail has you perplexed, and you cannot bring yourself to make a final decision. You adore your little cuddle buddy and wish you could take her with you, but you can’t.

Should you provide in-home pet care or send your cherished companion to a nearby kennel or boarding facility? So, what should you do now? Which one of the below options is best for your best friend? So, before you look for the best backpack for hiking, let’s know more about it.

An Instant Answer

A kennel or boarding facility is not a better option for your pet than at-home pet care. This is almost always the case with cats and dogs and other pets like birds and reptiles.

While boarding is commonly used, at-home pet care has emerged as a better solution because it allows your beloved to remain in the familiar environment she is most familiar with, as well as in a place where she feels most comfortable and safe.

Think about some of the advantages and disadvantages of both options before you make a decision:

The Benefits of At-Home Pet Care

  • Keeping your pet at home keeps them comfortable
  • Keeping a routine helps relieve anxiety while you are away
  • Being in a safe and secure environment puts your pet at ease
  • Concentrated attention from their Pet Care Provider while playing and exercising reminds them that they have loved plus cared for

The Drawbacks of At-Home Pet Care

  • The pet can miss you
  • It may be expensive

Since you can see, the pros outnumber the cons in this case. And if you hire the right dog walker or pet sitter, your pet might not even notice you’re gone!

The Benefits of Pet Boarding

  • Lower daily costs
  • The dog can enjoy getting new friends

The Drawbacks of Pet Boarding

  • acclimating to a new environment, smells, sights, and sounds that may be frightening to them
  • Airborne disease exposure, such as kennel cough and canine influenza
  • Possibility of your dog being picked on by an alpha dog, potentially causing physical or psychological harm as well as high vet bills.
  • Lack of attention or quality of the environment they are used to.
  • It increases stress or anxiety from a bad boarding experience.
  • Want to run away from the original environment may root the pet to run off and become lost.

Weighing Your Options

So, on the other hand, you get a scenario in which, aside from missing you, your pet’s life does not change much. Besides, there are some serious risks associated with boarding.

Because most pets are creatures of habit and prefer to have their territory, they prefer to stay at home without you rather than travel to a strange environment.

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