The long, lazy days of summer have come to an end. Already when we know it, pumpkin spice will have taken over. Everything, and you’ll reach into your wine cabinet to make room for hearty reds. It’s instead of lighter white wines scream summer.

Prior you make that switch, there’s still time to obsess over all the latest and greatest white wine gifts on the market. This will make it feel like summer for a bit longer. Are you going to a Labor Day barbecue? Do you have a late-summer birthday, friend?

Perhaps you have one or two more weddings to attend before the end of the season? We have your back. So, before you look for the custom engraved champagne glasses, let’s know about some great gift ideas.

Sampler of White Wine

You can’t get a list of white wine-related gifts unless you include some excellent white wines. So give it your best shot, peruse a wide range of whites.

And then select two or three to give as a gift. Make a variety of them with different recommended food pairings so that the recipient can sample a true variety.

Box of Wooden Wine

Please make a point of presenting them in a beautiful wooden wine box. You can be confident that they will arrive safely at the party. Broken wine bottles are a terrible gift regardless of the color of the wine or the season they have given.

Flight for Wine Tasting

You may be throwing your end-of-summer party. Therefore, you want to give your guests a chance to sample some great whites. This wine tasting flight is a must-have.

You’ll be able to write the names of the wines in chalk on the slate and change it out if the wines change. Make sure you have some white wine on hand to go with it. You’ll also need glasses for the flight, which we recommend.

White Wine Glasses

There are some fantastic seamless wine glasses. They will place in the wine flight set, and you can have whatever messages you want etching on the glasses.

You could buy four glasses and etch “W” on one, “I” on the second, “N” on the third, and “E” on the fourth. So, when you use them with the flight, they spell out “WINE.”

Variety of Cheeses on the Cutting Board

Sometimes when your friend already has everything wine-related, a personalized cutting board with various cheeses would be ideal. You could have it engraved with anything from “Happy Birthday” (if the occasion calls for it) to something amusing. It’s like “Age only counts if you’re cheese” or “Sliced cheese is so Gouda.” Funny is always effective.

Wine Recipe Book

When you like it when you drink it, you’ll love it when you eat it. White wine adds a great depth of flavor to dishes. So, a book of recipes that all use wine would be a unique gift. In this case, you can also consider personalized engraved whiskey glasses as a unique gift items.

This book contains recipes for soup, appetizers, salads, main courses, and desserts, and every single one of them calls for wine. Mark the pages where white wine is used, and include a bottle with the book.

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