There are a number of options available that are the best optical recognition software. Some of these are listed below for users’ guidance.

1. Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat is an excellent option when it comes to optical recognition. It allows the users to convert documents into files and supports photos, PDF, paper and other options. It is a paid tool which users can find on both Windows as well as Mac. It is easy and offers a simple interface.

2. ABBY FineReader

A lot of people have recommended this OCR software for its features and the user-friendliness. ABBY company is behind this tool and it has been serving users for a long time. It is a much optimized software which you will find an amazing option. There are no particular issues with this too. It supports more than 192 languages.

3. OmniPage 

Are you looking for a tool that converts image documents into MS Word and PDF Files? This tool is for you then. This app is superfast and performance is amazing. You will feel very comfortable working with this tool for OCR. However, users will have to pay to use this app after trial. It is available only on Windows.

4. ReadIRIS

Here we have another amazing photo scanning tool which is very effective for OCR purposes. With this app, the users will get all the necessary features needed. The best thing about this app is that it offers more than 50 formats. Moreover, this app is available for both the Windows and the Mac Users.

5. PDF Element 6 Pro

PDF Element 6 Pro is the ultimate option when it comes to the best OCR software. It is available on android, iOS, Mac and Windows. It provides the users with the best features and has a lot of exciting options which help users when it comes to scanning text, creating files from images and other tasks. Multiple languages are supported and it is truly the best tool out there.

6. Microsoft OneNote

When it comes to converting pdf images into readable text, there can be no tool better than Microsoft OneNote. It is an ultimate tool for this purpose. It comes with all the best features which make it easy for users to convert images into text and then save the files in multiple formats. It is a free tool available for both the Windows and Mac users.

7. Online OCR

This is one of the best OCR software for businesses. It is a large scale tool which provides the users with essential features for converting image files into text and save it in different formats. It supports Word, PDF and Excel formats. Users will feel comfortable with this tool.

8. Google Vision

This is a very excellent option for OCR purpose. But it is a paid tool. However, it is the best alternative and can be very effective in this regard.

A lot of options are available to convert image documents into text and further save the files in various formats. You can also use JPG to PDF free converters for that or for any other purpose like edit PDF online free.

If you’re looking for JPG to PDF free converters other than Adobe Readers, a good option is to use online PDF convertors.



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