A whole new world opens around when you have a baby for the first time. But if you are a mother for the first time, you might not know how to handle a baby except that the baby is delicate and needs to care for appropriately.

So don’t feel nervous about it because although they are pretty sensitive, they can be taken care of nicely with some of the common tips that every mother does. These are the simple tips that can make your life easier without buying any of the best mother and baby products.  

Keep Close To Your Heart

Your newborn baby needs to experience the change from your womb to the world. So you can keep your baby as close to your heart as possible. It will make the infant feel warm and get to the mother’s heart. Your heartbeat was the only thing the baby heard since then, and by keeping close to your heart, the baby might feel more relaxed and secure.

Feed Properly

During the early days, your baby needs two essential things getting enough sleep and a good amount of food. Getting enough sleep might be tricky; although newborn babies need 16 to 20 hours of sleep in a day, they might not sleep that much around a day.

But one thing that an infant baby always requires is food every after two hours or less. Breastfeeding is the only option to feed your baby in the infant stage. So try to hold and feed your baby to a good position to get enough areola on the milk.

Sanitizing The Breast Pumps And Milk Bottles

Always wash and clean your baby’s feeding bottles and breast pumps at least two times a day. Also, try to sanitize your breast every time you feed your baby.

Insure Right Umbilical Cord Care

After the new baby’s birth, a part of an umbilical cord joined with the body for more than 10 to 21 days. It is a highly delicate area and has to deal with more care. First, you should apply powders that the doctor prescribes to dry the spot and heal it faster. Keep repeating this routine until it dries and falls off, Making the area heal completely.

Make Your Baby Burp Right

Take your baby upright so that the baby’s chin can rest on your shoulder and gently pat her back. Do this every time you feed. Then, gently put your hand from lower back to upper back.

It will improve the baby’s immune system and prevent indigestion or bloating. It will also help the baby sleep well and save from colic symptoms.

Using The Right Products

It is critical to keep the baby’s skin moist and smooth and keep the scalp clean and healthy to prevent forming of cradle cap. If you want any advice, I would suggest you buy the Mustela newborn arrival set.

It is the best baby product you can find in the market. It has five different products, which makes it a complete package. Not only the skin, it has a special shampoo that cleanses the hair so nicely, making it one of the best baby hair product also. 


These are some of the ways you should keep in mind. If you follow and continue these simple instructions, you will experience your baby’s full development during your motherhood journey. Therefore, it is imperative to take every step carefully.   

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