You must have usually seen the best smartphones from renowned companies which don’t disappoint their users. However, sometimes companies fail to design the perfect smartphones which could not serve their purpose well. Some worst smartphones ever produced are listed below, which will have you opt for best sim only plans.

1. BlackBerry Storm

BlackBerry storm has been listed under the worst smartphones ever because of the silly push-in touch display it had. Along with the poor display, the software was really buggy which made the phone even more pathetic and slower. The phone started to sell off pretty well but by the time, people started to report complains and also gave it a nickname “Sh*t Storm”.

2. HTC Thunderbolt 4G

People were excited for the HTC Thunderbolt to be launched because of the 4G feature with LTE that was introduced for the first time on Verizon, but it did not live up to the hype. Delayed launch and the limited availability of LTE carriers was not the only problem. The battery life was very short, the phone decided to restart itself and the software updates were nowhere to be seen. The phone itself was very small, bulky phone didn’t feel good in the hands and it is still one of the worse phones ever made.

3. Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon’s tablet was a huge success, but they weren’t as lucky in the smartphone market. The first main reason was the cost that were very reasonable with the tablets. They treated this as a flagship and decided to price it as one too but with poor battery life, typical Amazon design and ordinary specs. They install Fire OS which was a rip-off version of Android, the phone didn’t support Google Apps. They tried to make up for this by throwing in additional features, but the damage was already done. It was an epic fail and they suffered a loss of $170 million. Not mention, people were more into best sim only plans because of that.

4. Samsung Galaxy Ace

Samsung is a giant in smartphone market, but they didn’t get there before making some mistakes. One of the first in Galaxy series, Galaxy Ace was horrendous. With a small display, horrible camera and a crashing software, this phone rocked an Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and the main problem was that they did not roll out any software updates for its declining quality in software.

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was an epic fail. The start of the Note series was a bit of a flop, but the later phones got better recognition. The Note 7 had no problems at first with its sleek design and even better hardware and support for the S pen. It all went downhill when the phone randomly got heat up and exploded in the hands or in the pockets of its users. Though there were no casualties, there were first degree burns to some and therefore they suffered a huge loss. Fault was in the battery, but Samsung fixed it afterwards, but the damage was already done.

That’s it. You can still choose unlimited international calling plans with the most popular phone on the market and have fun.

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