Are you trying to build a website for your business or organization? Maybe you are trying to make a personal website. You can go for the WordPress website with your eyes closed. Many WordPress design services near you are waiting for your call to create a WordPress website for you.

At this point, you may be thinking, why do you need to use WordPress to build your website? You can just build with any other website builder. A study showed that almost 32% of all websites on the internet are built in WordPress.

Moreover, companies like Facebook, Sony, and Disney built their website with WordPress. Let’s dive into the world of WordPress benefits, and there’s more to come. Let’s talk about WordPress website design service and why WordPress is best to build your website.

#1 WordPress is a Free Website

WordPress is free to download and install, which means you don’t have to pay anything to download WordPress. You can easily build a website entirely for free. But you do need to buy a domain and hosting to store your data and address.

#2. Easy Customization with Themes and Plugins

WordPress is easy for people without any prior knowledge of coding. WordPress gives several themes and plugins which you can add to your website. 

Want to build a website for blogs, a website for business, a website as an online store? You can find themes and plugins for almost any kind of website. You can find any theme you need, and some themes are free; some are paid.

WordPress themes allow you to put custom photos, custom colors without any coding knowledge. Moreover, plugins will help you to analyze your website to make it more user-friendly.

#3. WordPress Is SEO friendly

Talking from experience, I have seen many websites losing their rank when Google launches a new update. However, WordPress website usually does not lose rank through any update and ranks higher on Google.

WordPress websites tend to load faster than another website. Fast loading websites are more liked by Google and other search engines. 

#4. Easily Manage WordPress Website

The first facility that WordPress will give you is the chance to keep a backup through a WordPress plugin. Besides, WordPress websites are easily manageable through mobile phones.

With the built-in management system, WordPress will notify you whenever there is an update. So I can assure you won’t miss any updates.

#5 Complete Security

The Internet is a place where security is a top priority. WordPress is developed in a way it is 100% safe & secure. It is not easy to hack into a WordPress-based website.

You can use simple plugins to make your website more secure and safe.

Final words

You can build your website through a different platform, but in my opinion, WordPress is the best to build a website. We want our visitors to get the best out of the internet and keep their privacy.

If you are still confused about why you want a WordPress website, look over the top-ranking websites. I can guarantee those are WordPress websites.

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