Accountants and tax professionals are most familiar with sales tax reporting. But what about sales tax services? If we go back to history’s pages, the sales tax services started for a good reason. In 1930, when the state was first beginning to levy the taxes, more money was spent on goods. However, that changed in 1950, and today the amount of taxes people pay on goods is still falling low while the amount spent on services keeps thriving.

A question that gets asked by people is, how will clients know whether their service includes sales tax? Before asking this question, you need to check the laws. Every law is different in different countries. So, checking in every state before jumping to a conclusion is a good idea. The second important factor to keep in mind is that laws change. So, when working on the sales tax and services, you need to be flexible for old laws to cancel and new laws to make way.

Types of Taxable Services

There are 6 types of taxable services. Some of these services are familiar, while others aren’t that much. If your chances are right, you have one or more clients delivering the services that need to know more about the requirements. Keep in mind that the laws vary in different parts.

1. Services to tangible personal property

Many countries now tax services to tangible personal property at the same rate as sales of TPP. This includes improvements, repairs to the property, and car repair.

2. Services to real property

Services to real property mean work done on land and buildings like properties, such as landscaping or janitorial services.

3. Business services

Business services that are performed for businesses and companies include telephone answering, credit reporting, extermination services, bureaus, etc.

4. Personal services

Personal services include firms that provide personal grooming or self-improvement activities like tanning salons, massages, animal grooming, etc.

5. Professional services

Professional services are considered as the least taxation services Oak park. Accountants, attorneys, and licensed professionals like healthcare professionals are categorised here.

6. Amusement and recreation

It’s a surprise, but yes, amusement and recreation have taxes added on them. Amusement parks and events, like any concert or sports, have a tax admission.

However, before you jump into this, there are some things you need to know. When you have a customer that sells dishwashers and installation services, extended warranties, the installation, and warranty might cost a sales tax. But there’s an exception. If a service is sold with a tangible product mentioned above, but the product is incidental, it wouldn’t be taxable.

Yes, automation is important to sales tax reporting and compliance; a good rule of thumb is to regularly check in with your clients to be updated once they change the kinds of services theory is delivering. That’s all you need to know about the types of services. The key takeaway of it is that you need to understand the rules and laws of each country. This makes your job easy. Well, that’s all from my end. Oh, one more thing if you are searching for taxation services in Oak park or any other area, a quick google search will help you with that.

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